Meet Poppy

Meet Poppy – she is 4 years old in March and is mainly Jack Russell with a bit of Lurcher in her, probably from her grandparents as her gait and her style of running tends to make us think that she is a bit of a cross breed. She doesn’t display any of the characteristics of a Jack Russell either. You would have to go a very long way to find a more relaxed dog as nothing seems to faze her. Although she can Meet Poppy poppy-and-grandchildrenout sprint Lucy she is a very clever dog and doesn’t really chase a ball around as she probably thinks why what’s the point! She has never shown any inclination towards swimming either and is more than happy to watch Lucy go in and get wet, again probably thinking what’s the point, she is only going to throw it into the water again for me to chase.
She is more than happy to go off and do her own thing when off the lead but will come back for a titbit when called and given lots of praise.

If there is one dog in the world that I would leave in the same room as our grandchildren it is Poppy she is an angel around them.

She loves cuddles with me in the evening curled up on my lap and sometimes I almost have to push her out the back door for her last toilet of the day, it is a bit of a standing joke with us at home.

She would welcome other dogs into her domain as she is so quiet and timid and is not an alpha female dog and is more than happy to take her place in her human pack.

Take a look below at some more pictures of Poppy – along with Lucy, me and our grandchildren.


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