Meet Lucy

Meet Lucy – she is 11 years old and is still as fit as a flea. On a recent visit to the vets, for her booster inoculations, the vet could not believe that she is 11 as she is so fit and lean. Her heartbeat is perfectly fine for a dog of her age. This I believe is due to lots of exercise, both on and off the lead, lots of swimming that she loves, and lots of TLC from me and my husband, and a healthy and well balanced diet of dry food and tinned meat. She is a typical terrier, ratting around the garden and the moors looking for mischief but lovable with it.

meet lucy-grandchild
She is so loyal to my husband as he has had her since a pup of 8 weeks old. She came from a farmer in Okehampton and as she was the first one from a litter of six pups to approach my husband he knew she was the one.

She is so gentle around the grandchildren, sitting at their feet when they are eating, waiting for any scraps of food that may come her way.

She loves exploring Dartmoor and can’t wait to get into the car when we are getting ready. As soon as we start putting on our walking boots she knows that we are going out and still gets excited even now. She has adapted to her new surroundings, as we have only lived in Plympton for three years and having to accept her new buddy Poppy after her old friend Jess, a Border Collie, passed away a few years ago. A really lovely old girl who will make friends with any new dog. 

Take a look below at some more pictures of Lucy – along with Poppy, me and our grandchildren.


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